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Anne Wigglebottom is a preschool teacher who loves children dearly. She has spent more than twenty years looking after children.

She has also worked to make changes in how domestic violence is handled and managed, by working with police and the training system.

Anne was a victim of terrible domestic violence and sexual assault. She has done training to educate herself about this subject so that she does better and understands it more.

She found this education very useful in her recovery and now goes to shopping centres, supermarkets and markets to get this message out to the world for her charity stop all domestic violence inc

She has also spent lots of time having counselling for sexual assault.

She has helped the NSW police system train trainee detectives about how to treat victims of sexual assault. After her sexual assault trial, she launched a campaign that led to changes in the way victims of sexual assault are treated in court and changed how the police system treats victims of sexual assault.

She has met with a member of Parliament and domestic violence prevention team about her experiences, and she has been interviewed by the daily Telegraph and by Women’s magazines about her experience as a rape victim. She encourages other victims to come forward and report their sexual assaults and get the help they need.

She has written A book called “an Octopus who was too touchy Feely” to educate teenagers and pre-teens about boundaries and safe touch and bad touch.

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