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Rosie the Little Fish That Got Away talks about domestic violence and its terrible effects on victims. It is also the story of how one victim—the writer—overcame her abuse and went on to have a happy and successful life with a lovely and kind partner.

The writer uses sea creatures to tell this powerful story and to inspire children through the knowledge that no matter how bad your situation, there is always a way out. Keep trying, and do not give up.






The youngest of four princesses, she wonders why she is different from everyone else in her family. She has to learn to be true to herself instead of trying to be like her other sisters. She has to heal her broken, damaged heart from her father’s cruel abuse so she can heal herself inside. She spends her time doing lots of reading so that she has lots of information and knowledge to use about her situation. She then goes on to finding the love of her life and marries her prince, and they live happily ever after, never giving up their dreams.






All About Twins helps preschool and early primary school children learn about twins.








Adventures of Constable Teddybear in Teddybearland is an insightful story that takes a deeper look at the bully and the bullied.







Anne Wigglebottom wants to educate children about why farmers are important and why they matter to our lives. She also wants to educate children, through Where Does the Food You Eat Come From? about where our food comes from in its most natural state before it hits the supermarket shelves.








This book is about boundaries safe touch and bad touch. It is being created to educate teenagers and pre teens about this subject in a friendly fun way that they can understand.

It also educates them about what they can do about this to feel better and recover to heal. Also what their options are as a victim of sexual assault.